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Mrs Ana Vazav_sle

SLE specialism: English
School: Avenue Primary Academy

Teaching experience

  • I am now on my 14th Year
  • Have taught from Years 1-6, with most of my experience in Key Stage 2
  • English Leader

Current role

My current role in school is Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion.

Within my role I am responsible for the teaching and learning of all SEND pupils across the mainstream school, manage and monitor all intervention programmes and SEMH support and am the line manager for all Teaching Assistants. Furthermore, I support the teaching the learning of English in schools within the Cirrus Trust.

Within my role at school, I still teach most days in classes from Years 1-6.

Summary of previous experience

Before taking on the role of Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion, I was the English Leader for 5 years and Lead English Teacher for the Local Authority. This involved embedding the New Curriculum and supporting staff in changing their planning and carrying out book and planning scans, learning walks, leading courses for staff within and outside the Borough, modelling lessons, team teaching, moderating writing, observing and supporting the teaching of English including Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

Previous to becoming the English Leader I led ICT for 6 years in a school outside the Borough, which included training staff, assessment, planning and leading parent workshops. I have supported other schools within the Borough as well as outside of the Borough with planning, observing lessons, teaching guided reading, assessing writing with teachers as well as teaching assistants.

Areas of expertise

  • English Planning Year 1-6
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Assessing writing and moderation
  • Guided Reading
  • Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation