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National Curriculum Resources (2014)

In 2013/14 the Teaching School was successful in a bid for £10,100 to support schools in preparing for the new National Curriculum. In line with our project proposal, we used our funding within our existing five clusters. We identified ‘lead schools’ and they arranged support for teachers in one or more of the six areas:

  • English
  • maths
  • science
  • computing
  • languages
  • history

The fund was not to be used to create new curriculum material – it was clear from DfE that such materials already exist. Some examples of the resources created for the schools in our Alliance are as follows. These are available for any school to use – not just those in our Alliance. If you reproduce them, please acknowledge the source.





The material presented at the sessions for all schools included design and organisation of the new curriculum. The curriculum was based around science, history, geography and English to ensure curriculum coverage in these subjects over the six-year period.





From there, exciting topics were created, and the rest of the curriculum added. With this model, discrete lessons are taught in mathematics, RE and languages. This is an example provided by Year 2 – each topic begins with a ‘hook’ day and topics generally last half a term, although this does vary (eg this example shows ‘What’s in my Suitcase’ being 10 weeks). At Avenue we no longer teach discrete English lessons – English is embedded into the curriculum and therefore topic books demonstrate the standard of work we expect all of the time.

These examples are showing what we do at the Teaching School. We were also able to show schools some of the published schemes of work available, for each school to take their own decisions.





We involve pupils in their learning. Prior to the topic starting, we ask pupils to consider what they might want to learn, and this is incorporated into the teachers’ planning.






This is incorporated into the KWL sheet, and used throughout the topic for children to record what they have learned.





To help teachers plan, they create a mindmap of the topic.





Topic lessons are organised by learning objective, and a Learning Journey is written for each topic. This is clearly displayed on each class’ working wall and referred to at all stages.





For each learning objective, the teacher makes a plan. Certain elements on this plan are peculiar to Avenue, such as linking lessons to our Rights Respecting articles.





At the end of each topic, children respond with Pupil Voice. This is an example from the topic Life’s Legacy.





The teachers in the year group also complete a topic overview, as this helps future planning.





Finally, in this planning section, this is the guidance we issue to staff regarding planning and our expectations.




Linked with the overall curriculum design, the Alliance also produced a substantial amount of material to support the new computing curriculum.

computing_subject_overviewThis is the complete computing subject overview. We acknowledge the skills progression element from Rising Stars, free to download from their website.




We will add further resources to this page over time. If you would like any further guidance or support with anything here, please contact Avenue Primary School (the Teaching School) to discuss support. Our support from SLEs page is here.