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 “A researching school is an improving school”

This is a very exciting area of teaching school development and the Alliance intends to embrace the benefits and challenges Research and Development will present. If we are to become a truly self-improving system or group of schools the prominence of this area is likely to continue to grow over time. A key principle of in-school research is that there must be discernible benefits for students.  Research must focus on improving student outcomes and must be forward thinking, taking into account that the world is changing at speed and the ability to become a life long learner will be central to adult life and a successful career.

Collaborative working across the alliance enables us to refine our research practices and share outcomes in a way which maximises the impact on improving the quality of teaching and raising standards of attainment across a wide range of schools.  It also provides the opportunity to ensure that the research undertaken is robust through the ability to provide a larger evidence base.  We will be able to combine our efforts, share any learning and so build on our research findings to provide evidence based outcomes that ultimately provide a better experience for the students in our schools.

Our aim is that over time many more teachers in our partner schools will undertake research which impacts positively on the quality of teaching and the achievements of students in Sutton.