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Mr Tom Booth

SLE specialism: Behaviour and Discipline
School: Westbourne Primary School

Teaching Experience      

  • I have been teaching since September 2000
  • Have taught in Years 2-6
  • Behaviour and Discipline Leader

Current Role

In my current role, as leader of Behaviour and Discipline, I continuously work with staff within my school and teachers within London to support and assist in implementing effective strategies to help deal with classroom behaviour.  As a coach, I have collaborated with parents, teachers and teaching assistants in enabling them to identify areas of support to create positive and respectful relationships with their pupils both in and outside the classroom.

Summary of previous experience

Over my 18 years’ experience as a teacher, I have supported behaviour and discipline with colleagues from many different angles. I have combined my specialist role with my International Links position to create whole school Airport Days to International Culture Events. These have made  noticeable improvement to whole school behaviour and as a result, pupil’s achievement and enjoyment have been raised.

I have developed the independent thinking and learning skills of the whole school by creating ways for them to discover their passions and learn about things ‘the children’ want to seek answers to. This initiative has had a positive impact on children’s behaviour through letting them have ownership of their learning and project work. This has also had a positive knock on effect within classrooms too.

As a Senior Leader I regularly carry out work scans, learning walks and data analysis and use this to ensure improvement across the school is sustainable.

Areas of expertise

  • Independent Thinking and Learning Leader
  • Airport Days and International Culture Events
  • Modern Foreign Languages Leader
  • Phase Team Leader
  • Senior Leadership Team member